Board Of Directors

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Tom Barth, President Scio Mutual Telephone Association (503) 394-3366
Renee Willer, Vice President Gervais Telephone / DataVision Cooperative (503) 792-5500
Rusit Lattin, Secretary Eagle Telephone System, Inc. (541) 893-6111
Brenda Crosby Cascade Utilities, Inc. / Reliance Connects (503) 630-4202
Geri Fraijo Monitor Cooperative Telephone (503) 634-2266
Paul Hauer Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone (503) 632-3113
Kirk Lee Frontier Communications (425) 261-5855
Mitchell Moore Clear Creek Communications (503) 631-2101
Joyce Nelsen Roome Telecommunications Inc. (541) 369-2211
Jim Rennard, Associate Member Delegate GVNW Consulting, Inc. (503) 612-4410
Nick Schneider St. Paul Cooperative Telephone Association (503) 633-2111
Curt Thornton Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company (503) 769-1300
Michael Whalen Pioneer Telephone Cooperative (541) 929-3135