OTA Scholarship Board of Directors

Purpose: The Oregon Telecommunications Association Scholarship Foundation was established to offer scholarships to employees and immediate families of OTA members to further their education in colleges, universities and trade schools.

Marilyn Kendall, President Stayton Cooperative Telephone Co. (503) 769-8453
Marlene Muhs, President Elect COLTONTEL (503) 824-3211
Brant Wolf, Executive Vice President OTA (503) 581-7430
Geri Fraijo, Director Monitor Cooperative Telephone (503) 634-2266
Kathy Gordon, Director AKT, LLP (503) 585-7774
Debbie Jewell, Director DirectLink (503) 266-8224
Joyce Nelsen, Director Roome Telecommunications Inc. (541) 369-2211
Roselle Potts, Director Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone (503) 632-8111
Renee Willer, Director DataVision Cooperative (503) 792-3611