Who We Are

Brief History of the OTA

The Oregon Telecommunications Association is a trade association representing the telecommunications industry in Oregon. The Association conducts meetings for several committees; holds educational and training seminars; coordinates industry activities during legislative sessions; represents the industry on regulatory issues; and works with member companies on individual projects.

OTA represents the chief providers of voice and data communications in Oregon. Our members include local exchange telephone companies, long distance carriers, wireless companies, cable companies, Internet providers, alarm companies and over 100 suppliers of telecommunications equipment and services. Membership in the Association is open to all telecommunications providers and suppliers.

OTA has served as the cornerstone of the telecommunications industry for over 90 years. While the exact date that the Association began is not available, early records show that it dates back to at least January of 1907. The Association was formation organized in 1915 as the Oregon Independent Telephone Association and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1974. The Association operated on a voluntary basis until a part-time executive was hired in 1960. In 1969, a full-time executive was hired.

Just as the telecommunications industry has changed, so has the Association. In 1997, the Association adopted its current name, the Oregon Telecommunications Association. The bylaws were amended to clarify that all telecommunications providers are eligible to become members of the Association. Voting rights and board representation, as set forth in the bylaws, are available to all classes of membership except for honorary members.

Dramatic changes are taking place in Oregon’s telecommunications arena. Our members are dedicated to providing the highest quality telecommunications services available, affordable prices, satisfying the needs of our customers, and promoting economic growth throughout the state.